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lash extensions

classic lash extensions

*one individual lash extension is placed on each of

your natural lashes - creates a natural look*

full set $200.00 
(2 hours)

1-3 week fill in $70.00
(1 hour 30 minutes)

 4 week fill in $85.00

(1 hour 45 minutes)

mixed lash extensions

*one individual lash extension is placed on each of your

natural lashes with hand made volume fans spaced

sporadically throughout the lash line to create a

more lush appearance* 

full set $250.00 
(2 hours 30 minutes)

1-3 week fill in $90.00
(1 hour 45 minutes)

 4 week fill in $105.00

(2 hours)

volume lash extensions

*volume lash extensions are created into a hand made fan

and will acheive a full, fluffy look - styles range anywhere

from natural to dramatic* 

full set $300.00 
(3 hours)

1-3 week fill in $110.00
(2 hours)

 4 week fill in $125.00

(2 hours 15 minutes)

mega volume lash extensions

*the most dramatic of all lash extensions for those who only

enjoy drama in their lashes. extremely light weight lash extensions

are made into a 15D fan and placed onto each adult lash * 

full set $325.00 
(3hours 15 minutes)

1-3 week fill in $125.00
(2 hours)

 4 week fill in $150.00

(2 hours 15 minutes)

bottom lash extensions

*5mm-7mm loosely curled lash extensions will be placed

onto each natural bottom lash* 


(30 minutes)

lash extension removal

*an organic solvent will be applied to the adhesive bond

and all extensions will be removed gently and safely while

preserving the health of your natural lashes*



(30 minutes)

or call at (803)468-6287

lash lift

basic lash lift 


(45 minutes)

deluxe lash lift 

includes tint


( 1 hour )

lash tint 


(30 minutes)

brow tint 


(30 minutes)

lash & brow combo 


(45 minutes)

tint tuesday

$5 off lash or brow tint every tuesday

enter code  TINTTUESDAY  when booking online



brow + lip combo

brow wax + tint


side of face / jawline



full face

full face + brows





























half arm   

full arm  


half back  

full back  


half leg  

full leg  

inner backside   

full backside  

basic bikini

full leg + basic bikini combo

modified bikini

full leg + modified bikini combo


full leg + brazilian combo

wax wednesay

 10 % off waxing every wednesday! 

enter code  WAXWEDNESDAY  when booking online

*cannot be redeemed on combos*

experience the perfect glow difference

all products are custom formulations based off natural ingredients , vegan & cruelty free (PETA approved)

rapid spray tan


*requires only 1-4 hours to develop*

classic spray tan


*requires 8 hours to develop*

how to prep for your spray tan appointment

exfoliate 24 hours prior to the session. do NOT exfoliate the day of as the product can create a barrier effecting the outcome of the tan. 


do any shaving or waxing at least 24 hours before the session. if you shave or wax right before it can leave a barrier & cause streaking & patches on the legs.

schedule your manicures and pedicures the day before your spray tan appointment.  any oils or lotions used during your nail treatments will cause a problem with the tan as they can cause the color to streak. 

do NOT apply any perfumes, oils or lotions or deodorant to their skin the day of the tan as it can cause developmental issues.

do not shower directly before session.  many soaps, hair conditioners and shower products will leave an invisible film on the skin -these can cause the spray tan to develop patchy or streaky. 

do NOT use Dove soap before or after the tanning session, this always causes development issues. purchasing the spray tan safe body wash on site is recommended as this was made for spray tanning and does not contain any SLS or alcohols. the body wash also doubles as a shaving cream since traditional shaving creams will cause your tan to fade. tan safe body lotion is also avaiable to give your tan extra staying power!

tan thursday

$20 spray tans every thursday

enter code CLASSICTHURS or RAPIDTHURS when booking online

full face airbrush

full face traditional

eye makeup only

flawless foundation only

false lash application






**bridal packages available upon request**


spray tanning

tinting services