Think Blink Beauty Boutique was created with the purpose of making every individual feel comfortable in their own skin while enhancing their natural beauty. 


The company was founded by Sarah Rodriguez-Robertson in 2018 and soon became the place to go to for not only lash extensions but waxing & spray tanning as well. 


While working in retail, she soon realized that her dream was not work for someone else...but to work for herself! She then enrolled in esthetician school and immersed herself within the industry.


Since the beginning she has always had an interest in delivering quality services while simultaneously educating her clients. She takes pride in educating herself through continuing education in order to become more knowledgable for her clientele while continuously offering safe, hygenic services. 


Sarah is always happy to make someone feel comfortable in what would be considered an uncomfortable situation (brazilian, anyone?) & considers her clients to be the heart of her business.


always remember to take good care of you!